The Secret Flame: The Seven Steps of Transformation

Working through The Seven Steps of Transformation allowed me to finally make the changes I always wanted to in my life and relationships. I was able to identify and understand why certain patterns existed in my life. With each step, I came to better understand myself, my connections and my spiritual journey. I would recommend this book to anyone!
Kathy T.

This program is a road map that has guided me through a spiritual journey like no other. It has changed the way I look at others, myself and the connectins I have with the outside world. It has taught me how to harness the energy I need to accomplish my intentions. The steps are fun, thought provoking and rewarding all at the same time.
Lisa D.

The Seven Steps of Transformation is a practical, no nonsense approach to spirituality and self-fulfillment. This is the spiritual practice I have been searching for all my life.
Steve C.

If there is a driving force in your heart that compels you to seek the truth within yourself, then The Seven Steps of Transformation is the perfect vehicle for your journey. It has changed my life.
Jason G.

The Secret Flame: The Seven Steps of Tranformation includes Seven Beautiful Artworks 
created by Angelo Rusciano which have been re-created in order to make these Colorful Bookmarks. These Bookmarks are a wonderful addition to the The Secret Flame or can be purchased separately as a gift for your favorite Bookworm.

Step 1
Front and Back
Step 2
Front and Back
Step 6
Front and Back
Step 5
Front and Back
Step 4
Front and Back
Step 3
Front and Back
Step 7
Front and Back
Alchemical BookMarks
Alchemical BookMarks with Charm
The Secret Flame