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The NY Art Group, LLC. is an organization dedicated to bringing you the most diverse art listings from emerging breakthrough artists and their most eclectic mediums, to the masters whose pieces grace the walls of our beloved international museums.  The Group is an innovative yet seasoned company of individuals with over 10 years of experience collectively in fine art, architectural design and private and public art placement.  Our group has been contracted by restaurants, corporations, night clubs, hospitality companies, heads of state as well as other art organizations.  A very successful and lucrative world, the art industry has become famous for its expertise dating back to the 14th Century movers and shakers and their entitled heirs to whom all the expertise and collections have been passed down to.  Although many individuals maintain a high stature in this industry due to the benefits of those heirlooms, The NY Art Group has initiated a new precedent.  We have replaced old energy with new, working with a team of people that are always seeking out the latest and most cutting edge medium and technology in order to create new matrimonial relationships between the artist's vision and the manner with which they share with their public.  Our love for the arts and our undying motivation to bestow a well rounded selection of services as well as pieces for our clients has inspired our private collections division.  This affords our company the ability to provide a continuous as well as revolving art catalogue appraised at well into the multi million dollar range.  We proudly represent these pieces and match them with clients all over the world who we feel will best appreciate the works while ensuring that they are placed where others may enjoy them as well.